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When dating someone outside of our platform or if you want to take a break, it is a good idea to activate "Invisible mode" under "My Profile" in your privacy settings. This keeps everything (contacts, messages) intact, while you become invisible to ALL members (including approved candidates in your candidate list). You disappear completely. This also means that sent and received messages will be hidden from all your candidates until you reactivate your visibility. Of course, you cannot add new candidates in this mode either. Therefore, use this function with caution, as people you have had contact with are likely to think that you have cancelled your membership and left. Therefore, it is advisable to inform those you want to keep in touch with before activating the invisible mode.
Yes, we encourage you to upload a picture of yourself. It is a strong indication that you are a trustworthy and serious person. Pictures are always approved manually by Kristen.Dating and once done, you are sorted in the search results ahead of people who only use the cartoon avatars available. It is an easy and secure way to "cut in line" with our blessing.

Problems uploading your profile picture? Remember to press "Arrow up" to save the image online. See image.
Yes, absolutely. If we think your suggestion is good, we will implement it. Use the contact form on this page to send your feedback.
Kristen Dating uses SSL encryption and advanced programming methods to protect its members from unauthorized access. No passwords are saved in clear text. We do not share our members' data (which is in our database) at all with third parties. In general, 100% protection for data in databases is never possible, but we do our utmost to technically create as secure and safe an environment as possible. Never share sensitive or highly confidential information on the internet or on our platform.
Make sure your values, opinions, and important factors are filled out under "My profile". Upload a profile picture. This ensures that you do not waste time with the wrong candidates. Add multiple candidates... And of course, become an active member so that you can use the platform to its fullest.
It may take a while before you are comfortable with the search features and user interface. A tip to get started quickly is to add several candidates whose profiles you are interested in. When these candidates have given their approval, you can communicate with them under the view that appears when you click on 'Explore my candidates'. You will also see candidates who have sent you a contact request at the top, as well as under 'My Profile' (Manage candidates).
The search result is sorted first by premium status, then active members, then those who have a personal profile picture, and finally by the latest login time.
If you click on "My candidates", then on the candidate and then on the icon that looks like a speech bubble, you can see previous messages. If the message is there, it is also with the recipient. If the envelope symbol on the left side of the message is a regular envelope, the recipient has not read it. If the envelope symbol is an opened envelope (and with an eye icon to the right of it) and with a slightly more transparent background, the recipient has opened the message.
We have tried to find common designations for the political ideologies that dominate in Europe and the West, regardless of where you live. The following political examples may be helpful in making your choice:

(1) Socialism / Liberalism / Center-Left: For example: Labour Party (UK), Social Democratic and Labour Party (Northern Ireland), Irish Labour Party (Ireland), Parti Socialiste (France)

(2) Ecologism / Left: For example: Green Party (UK), Europe Ecology – The Greens (France), GroenLinks (Netherlands), EELV (France)

(3) Liberalism / Center: For example: Liberal Democrats (UK), Venstre (Denmark), Open VLD (Belgium), Radikale Venstre (Denmark)

(4) Conservatism / Center-Right: For example: Conservative Party (UK), Les Républicains (France), Moderaterna (Sweden), Kristdemokraterna (Sweden)

(5) Social Conservatism / National Conservatism: For example: UK Independence Party (UK), National Rally (France), Finns Party (Finland), Vox (Spain)

(6) Conservatism / Far-Right: For example: Brexit Party (UK), Front National (France), Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden), Fidesz (Hungary)

(7) Socialism / Far-Left: For example: Socialist Party (Netherlands), La France Insoumise (France), Die Linke (Germany), Podemos (Spain)
To send a message to a candidate who has accepted (manually or automatically) your request, first click on the red button at the top of the left column on the "Love Arena" page called "Explore my candidates". Then click on the candidate you want to send a message to (green background indicates the candidate has approved communication with you). In the third column on the right, there is a text box where you can write your message. When you are done with your text, send the message. Previous messages (both sent and received) can be viewed by clicking on the "speech bubble" in the top right corner of the third column where all communication takes place. [See explanatory image]
Members with free accounts do not have access to advanced filters (such as direct searches for values, opinions, and important factors), they are sorted after regular (active) members in searches, and they can only send three messages.
Active membership costs 59 SEK per month (~£4.60/mon) with a subscription or 89 SEK for one month (~£7) if you prefer a one-time purchase. You choose what suits you.
On the "My Profile" page under the heading "Account & payments", you can easily manage and cancel your subscription or switch to a new credit card. Just click on the "Manage payments" button, and you will be taken to your own customer portal provided by our payment partner, Stripe.